*** Maine Coon Cattery***



*** N-litter ***

Date of Birth: 20.1.2016

Sire: Mainehaan Hanson
Owner: Tytti Aaltonen
( MCO a )
HCM-scanned 9/2015 - normal
HD-tested 9/2015 - Good (analysed: OFA)
PKD-scanned 9/2015 - normal
HCM-dna (A31P): N/HCM
pedigree Dam: Stout-hearted Nadia
( MCO f 09 )
HCM-scanned 7/2015 - normal
HD-tested 7/2015 - Fair (analysed: OFA)
PKD-scanned 7/2015 - normal
HCM-dna (A31P): N/N


Babies are 11 weeks old in the photos


SatuMainen Nokinen Juttu
black girl

SatuMainen Nouseva Aurinko
black tortie with
white girl

SatuMainen Niilin Jalokivi
black with white girl

SatuMainen Napolin Helmi
blue girl

SatuMainen Niagaran Putous
blue boy

SatuMainen Napapiirin Sankari
red boy
~ in memoriam ~

SatuMainen Nevadan Autiomaa
creme boy



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