*** Maine Coon Cattery***



13.11.2000 - 13.1.2011

IC/Pr Halden Coon's Igor
solid blue with white - male
Breeder: Elina Peltonen

"I wonder if You know,
How it feels to let You go...
We say goodbuy in a pouring rain,
And I break down as You walk away...
Stay, Stay... "

- Hurts-


25.1.1991 - 8.6.2003

Laubuurin Pompooli Nami
red - female
Breeder: Sirpa Buuri



Would You know my name,
If I saw You in heaven?
Would it be the same,
If I saw You in heaven?
I must be strong, and  carry on.
Because I know, I don't belong here in heaven."

-Eric Clapton-


25.1.1984 - 7.8.1997

Karhuvuoren Esikko
tortie colourpoint - female
Marjatta Silventoinen




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