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SatuMainen cattery is a small cattery in Pori, west coast of Finland. My interest in maine coons began when I got my first maine coon, Halden coon's Igor. With Igor I really fell in love with maine coons because of his personality.

With time my interest in maine coon developed into breeding. The cattery name FIN*SatuMainen was registered in FIFe at summer 2001. And the first SatuMainen-litter was born in summer 2003. My breeding is based purely on home bases.

In my family belongs my husband and myself. There is also two little boys in the family, who are attending in taking care of the cats. 

Tommi, summer 2008


Teemu, summer 2008
At the moment I have three maine coons at home: a female in breeding and  a male and a female who are retired from the breeding. One of my kitten is living as a host cat with a friend of us.

Our cats and kittens are first of all family members and pets for us. They have full access through the house. I am very happy if my cats or offspring do well at the shows, but that is not the main thing for us.


As a breeder, I want to breed cats that are healthy, well typed and sized maine coons with wonderful temper. My cats are tested of HCM (both dna-test and ultra sound), HD and PKD.


SatuMainen Ahaa Aikalisä &
SatuMainen Aito Arvolahja, 5 weeks of age


If You are interested in my cats and future plans,
feel free to contact me!


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Kulmalantie 4
28130 PORI
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